Jack "Bear" Styles

Jack "Bear" Styles


July 29, 1949 - September 21, 2023


Jack “Bear” Styles, 74, of Mitchell, SD, died Thursday, September 21, 2023, at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell. Visitation will be Sunday, September 24, at Bittner Funeral Chapel with a 2:00 PM prayer service. Burial will be at 2:00 PM Tuesday, September 26, at Mountain View Cemetery in Rapid City, SD. Arrangements by Bittner Funeral Chapel.

Jack Styles Memories

My favorite memory would have to be when we went camping. He was helping my mom set up her camper and had to go get some tool from his camper so he took red gypsie (his scooter) back to his camper to get it and I was waiting in my mom's jeep with my friend and the dog when grandpa came toodling by on his scooter and honked his "horn" which sounds more like a little squeaky toy than a horn and said "mines louder than yours" and then he just drove away. Grandpa always made me laugh no matter how I was feeling that day I knew that he would always be there to talk with me and make me laugh. He would always get my name mixed up with others which I understand because Kayleigh is soo close to Theresa! So he started calling me "KK" other people would call me it but it was never the same as when grandpa did it. I would walk into grandma and grandpa's house and the first thing I would usually hear from grandpa was "KK what are you doing". I am going to miss seeing him and having late night talks when I would stay the night at his house.. He would have the TV up all the way and for some reason I always chose to sleep in the living room with him and it would wake me up and I would look at him and he would be eating an orange or something and notice I was up and he would always offer me some even though it would be 2 in the morning or even 4. Grandpa was such a loving person he will be missed greatly ~Kayleigh

My favorite memory of grandpa was that he came to all of my special events like graduation, confirmation and prom. Another memory that had with grandpa was when I was helping him and taking to him in his razor before we when riding on trails. I love and miss grandpa. Another memory of grandpa was that he ask me to make him a cherry pie and he loved my cherry pie so much to. Helped me make it too last Christmas or thanksgiving but I couldn't remember though.  ~Hailey

The memory that has been forever present in my life with uncle Jack comes from one of the two most painful days of my life. This was the day my father passed away. As the family kept gathering at the house and everyone was looking to work their way through the pain. Uncle Jack took my hand and we went for a walk down the road. As we were walking Uncle Jack was talking to me about my dad. It was a clear night and the moon was full and bright. Uncle Jack told me that my dad is now watching over me that his love is shining down from above like the moon. Then he told me he would always be there for me if I needed anything. He will always have a special spot in my heart.    ~Donnie

My favorite kid memory is and always will be grandpa putting us grandkids or really any kids that wanted a ride on the tractor train (mower with barrels attached). He loved to drive us to get a candy or to the park for us kids to play. My favorite memory as an adult is watching grandpa interact with Leo. Talked to him about fishing, what kinda fish he catches and just anything about fishing really. Leo loved to chat him up because he also gave him popsicles for supper.   love Chase, Katie & Leo

The biggest memory I have of uncle Jackie is him carrying me into the hospital when I was little after my appendix ruptured! He is the one who figured out that that is what was probably wrong. If it were for him I would have more than likely died on Mikes bed while Shirley watched sister and I while mom worked! I was near death by the time I was brought in. I could no longer use the bathroom and was burning up with fever from infection. I remember as a little girl him always drinking Tab. I snuck a sip of it once and didn't like it. Wondered why he would want to drink a soda that tasted like it did. Loved how he always had mom and aunt Wanda laughing . I remember him paying us kids to pick up cigarette butts and paying us for every butt in Pennies.  ~Joli

There are so many it’s hard to choose one but I would have to say when we took a trip to the hills and while we were all out exploring we found some old living quarters of miners and then grandpa and I came up with a plan to become miners out in the hills and get rich. We had it all planned out we had shelter, water and corn dogs (which were really cat tails). Then on the last night of the trip I sat down and wrote him a note about us becoming miners and he kept that note and called me a few months back just to read it to me over the phone and he could not stop laughing while trying to read it to me.    ~Connor

My favorite memories of all times is when dad and grandpa and I would always go hunting, grandpa always had his dry box hunting sticks/ bipod, and everything else we could possibly fit in the back of dads truck! And dad would always say come on your burning day light! But the one memory that stuck with me forever and always is that he was with me when I got my first buck! He was so very proud of me! He said everything I aimed at I got it! I have so many great memories with grandpa! The one other memory that I really enjoy is planting my tree with grandpa! Every time I came over to the house we had to make a point to go look at it together to see the progression!  The one other memory that I have with grandpa, is when I brought sierra down to meet everyone, we were talking about how Sierras phone had unlimited gigabytes, he then said well I'm bout out of gigabytes so I was wondering if you could just send some right over to me! And ever since then he always had to ask Sierra for more gigabytes!    ~Tanner

I have many memories the poker nights the fishing trips traveling across country by car or bus because ain’t no way we were getting on a plane  the talks about life or whatever problems I was having he always knew what to say and when I needed to hear it even if I didn’t want to! One memory that sticks out me Shawn Mike and dad fishing over night in chamberlain with a few to many beers involved and we got hungry so poor little walleye we caught got cooked on a plank in the fire probably the best thing we had ever tasted only to find out the next morning the fish was still raw and the plank we cooked it on was painted with lead based paint. ~Cody

There are so many great memories it's hard to pick one but a lot of them involve our RZRs. The first time he went for a ride in mine, he said I was trying to "take him out" when a 6" long twig, or a whole tree as he described it, fell in and tapped his arm. Then a few minutes later, I tried to "drown" him when he was splashed by some water from a mud puddle. The next year out in Pierre was the first time he drove mine and loved it. He was hooked! He was driving and I told him to make sure he stayed to the right... well, he took a left right into a bunch of mud and we were STUCK. No trees in front of us at all to winch us out so we had to get creative. About an hour later, we were out and riding again. Great times! The next year he bought his own and many, many more memories were made! ~Ryan

Heavenly Father, We gather here today to remember and honor the life of my beloved uncle Jack, affectionately known as Bear. We thank You for the gift of his presence in our lives and for the cherished memories we carry in our hearts. We come before You with heavy hearts, seeking comfort and solace in this time of loss. Lord, we remember Bear as a man of strength, courage, and resilience. Just like a bear, he was protective, fiercely loyal, and always had a warm embrace for those he loved. We are grateful for his unwavering support, his infectious laughter, and his kind and gentle spirit. He brought joy and brightness into our lives, and his absence leaves an emptiness that can never be filled. We entrust Bear's soul into Your loving care, Father. May he find eternal rest in Your embrace and be reunited with loved ones who have gone before him. Uncle Bear, you will forever remain in our hearts. Rest in peace. ~Scott

Dad went and bought a truck and a camper for me to use out at heart ranch. We did a test drive through Cabela’s. He thought I did really well and was ready to take it out on the interstate and head to Rapid. Dad had his truck and fifth wheel, I was following behind him with the new truck and camper, and mom followed me in her firebird.  About 45 minutes into the drive, I got scared and refused to drive. I stayed on the side of the road with the truck and camper. Dad said stay here we will drive up the road a ways and then use moms car to come back. He would drive about 30 miles, get in moms firebird and drive back to me to take the truck and camper to his. He leap frogged both campers and got them out to heart ranch. It was late, we were tired, but he laughed and laughed as we were going back and forth. ~Theresa

Family trips to visit aunts and uncles and cousins always delighted my brother, sister, and me as there would always be much laughter frivolity and love to be enveloped in. But, for me it held an even greater chance for adventure. As a young boy I remember my uncle Jack “bear” telling me that as soon as I was big enough, I would be joining him on one of his legendary bear hunts. Each announced plan to go visit family would always illicit excitement and the hope that this would be the time that I would join in the hunt. Uncle Jack we never did bag that bear, but we sure did create a bond that lasted through childhood and beyond. Much Love, Jerrett.

Oh Uncle Jack! You will be so missed by so so many people! So many fond memories growing up staying w Theresa and getting to have fun family times. I can’t think of a time you wouldn’t come outside w us as kids and then grandkids and all the daycare kids you and Sharon have had through your doors. I think one of the best tho would be the courses you would make us kids if we said we were bored outside. Run to that tree and then over to this toy and then 3 times around that slide or structure or whatever the object may be. Then run to the side of the yard, tap your head. Etc etc You would just make us go and go and go. Wearing us out and enjoying watching us laugh and have the best times!! You will be so so missed. But our hearts hurt just a little less knowing you are up in Heaven w so many loved ones you have waited your turn to go up and see! Give them all loves from all of us down here! We love you Uncle Jack!! Love, Marcella/Marci!

I have so many memories of you Dad and some that come to mind right now would be all our camping trips together over the years. Kurt and I would pull in with the “littles” camper and you would pull up a chair laughing his ass off watching us unload the camper and always wondered if it would ever quit coming out! We would haul out firewood, bikes, mini fridge, grill, and on and on and you would sit there as you were laughing doing the circus song. Do do do do do…. Most times you and I would be the first ones up in the morning and you would have the bestest cup of coffee you ever made every time and I would have either a diet coke or iced tea. Then we would load up Buddy #1 with all our fishing poles, chairs, minnows, pole holders, stringer, and every time I would try to put the measuring stick in to haul with us you would say we can’t take that yet because it will jinx us and of course he was always right haha. We would just be sitting there enjoying the peace and quiet and out of no where an owl would start in each time and we both almost at the same time said it sounds like he is saying chicken poop over and over. Then later one of us would bring it up so it was stuck again in our heads and you would say thanks a lot you little shit now I have it stuck back in my head. Another memory I have is when you let me drive the razr and I just kept going and going, momma said she is probably a nervous wreck and you said to momma oh I doubt that, she loves this stuff momma, she LOVES it! Then you told Theresa to jump out in front of me to get me to stop and she said no you jump out in front of her I am cameraing and you said I Can’t Walk. Dad I love you so very much and will forever cherish all the memories we have made and shared throughout the years and will miss you like crazy and all our shenanigans on a daily more than you will ever know Love you dad! ~Carrie

Mike:  Memories oh I got um. I remember a fire so big, park rangers talk to us. XXX ing park rangers. ha ha. poker game, old tunes, lots of laughs, cries, long talks, a cold beer. Sometimes just a touch and some silence. This man is a god to me. I was told one time, "You've always wanted to be a Styles." Well truth be told I am, and he's why I longed to be. My bear was a huge part of my story.

Stacey:  One of the last get-togethers we had was at the Legion.  Mom, Wanda, and Jack were visiting, and mom kept telling your dad, she was still sharp as a tack, but then she kept calling him Justin. Your dad get up and goes somewhere and when he came back a few minutes later he had 2 name tags. His said Jack and mom's said Tack.


Sunday, September 24, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
2:00 PM Prayer Service

Bittner Funeral Chapel
805 W Havens Ave
Mitchell, SD 57301


Mountain View Cemetery
Rapid City, SD

Posted by Shawn Styles on September 27, 2023
I will forever miss my dad, & my best friend!!! Love you dad!!! Rest easy now, and know I will never forget you
Posted by Crystal Freeman (Morgan) on September 26, 2023
So sorry for your loss! I remember all the camping and trips Jack, Cody, & Shawn did frequently while yโ€™all lived in the valley .
Posted by Vernette Derdall on September 25, 2023
I am SO sorry for the loss of Jack!!! He was a character!!!!
Posted by Jackie Christiansen on September 25, 2023
I've read the printed memories. I did not know Jack personally, but reading the submissions, I've come to the conclusion that anyone that did know him is the better for it. Prayers for the loved ones that he left behind
Posted by Roberta Styles on September 25, 2023
Sending prayers your way to help you through this sad time. What wonderful memories of an awesome man. Carl always spoke of the grand times he had growing up with his cousins spending time inPierre raising all kinds of mischief. Our heart love and many prayers are with you all. Roberta (Carlโ€™s wife), Danny, Richard Styles
Posted by Dennis & Cheryl Kunkel on September 24, 2023
So sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad Shawn , Prayers to you all
Posted by Brent on September 23, 2023
He was a great man! My condolences to the family ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Posted by Colette Stadlman on September 23, 2023
So sorry for your loss
Posted by Jamie Robinson on September 23, 2023
Sorry for your families loss
Posted by Barb Dulaney on September 22, 2023
So sorry for your loss my prayers for you all God bless you at this time
Posted by Pam Stransky on September 22, 2023
My deepest condolences Jack was so wonderful he had a heart that everyone loved, I was blessed to have him help watch my girls, I was comforted to know he was there for them, hugs to the family
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